Quinn McKay Hints At A ‘Master Plan’ For Women of Honor, ROH Final Battle Trailer Released

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Quinn McKay Hints At A ‘Master Plan’ For Women of Honor, ROH Final Battle Trailer Released

ROH Ring Of Honor

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Quinn McKay Hints At A ‘Master Plan’ For ROH’s Women’s Division

Quinn McKay, the on-air host of ROH Wrestling, took to Twitter to send fans a message about the Women of Honor division. She addressed the general negativity that seems to surround it. “We have things in store,” wrote McKay. “Just wait instead of hate.”

I want to clarify that this is about fans by and large completely dismissing the women’s division in ROH. I’m tired of it. We have things in store. Just wait instead of hate. https://t.co/nyNVfXQphd

— Quinn McKay (@QuinnMcKay) November 27, 2020

McKay pointed out the depth of the division, which features Angelina Love and Maria Manic, before she stated that Ring of Honor also continues to sign new talent. She also hinted at the company’s “master plan,” despite the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. McKay also explained that the taping schedule is another factor in the delayed utilization to these plans. Either way, fans will have to wait and see what happens with Women of Honor, the company’s women’s division that has been largely hamstrung by the controversy surrounding former world champion Kelly Klein.

3/4 A pandemic stopped everything in its tracks, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a master plan. You have to remember that we can only film so many episodes at a time, and trying to do it as safely as possible. Ultimately, you’re entitled to your opinion, but consider this:

— Quinn McKay (@QuinnMcKay) November 28, 2020

ROH Final Battle Trailer Released

ROH Final Battle is rapidly approaching. The promotion continues to build towards the show on ROH Wrestling, and a new trailer for the event hints at what fans can expect to see. The video suggests that stars like EC3 and The Briscoes will be involved with the event. Plus, every championship in Ring of Honor will be defended at the show. ROH Final Battle airs on December 18.

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