QT Marshall Was Afraid Of Getting Hurt When Asked To Work With AOP In NXT

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QT Marshall Was Afraid Of Getting Hurt When Asked To Work With AOP In NXT

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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

We reported a few days ago that QT Marshall recently appeared on the Talk is Jericho podcast to talk about a plethora of topics including carrying an apple to the ring and teaming up with Dustin Rhodes. Another interesting topic that Marshall discussed was about him working in NXT back in 2016.

QT was coming off of a neck injury at the time and was about ready to return. He went into detail about an issue he had with who he was pitched to work with, which was the tag team of AOP. Marshall said, “I got booked as an extra for NXT and they wanted me to work with the Authors of Pain, and I said no. I didn’t have anything to lose except my life and career. They’re super big, and it was two-on-one, me and another extra versus one guy. He had already hurt somebody — Anthony Bowens — he power-bombed one onto Bowens’ head. I said to him, ‘What moves do you think you’re going to do to us.’ He said, ‘What does it matter?’ I was just curious. He said, ‘I’ll probably do this, power-bomb the other guy onto you, DVD you guys.'”

Marshall immediately felt unsafe doing this and fought back by saying no. “I looked at, looked at Scott 2 Hotty and was like, ‘Nope, not doing it. I had this neck surgery.’ It turned into ‘don’t take the booking then.’ I was like, ‘you don’t even have to pay me. I’ll drive back to Atlanta and be okay with it. Don’t ever book me again, we tried, I’ll get in the ring with anyone else. Put me with guys who aren’t going to hurt me.’ The kid who took my place got hurt. Matt Bloom told me they picked me because I could sell. I said, ‘I’m gonna take these moves, get up, be okay, and make $200 or I’m never going to walk away and make $200.’ It wasn’t worth it.”

QT Marshall would indeed eventually return to NXT in 2017, where he was put against Heavy Machinery. Of course, his stint in NXT would not last long after that, as he eventually moved on from the black and gold brand. You can listen to the entire episode below.

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