QT Marshall: People Texted Me To Ask For Bookings While I Was Live On AEW Dynamite

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QT Marshall: People Texted Me To Ask For Bookings While I Was Live On AEW Dynamite

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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

As the leader of The Factory, QT Marshall has been regularly featured on AEW Dynamite in recent weeks.

But his journey to prominence didn’t happen overnight; he had to work hard and showcase his personality, which wasn’t always easy when he was working alongside Cody and Dustin Rhodes. In a recent appearance on the Wrestling Perspective Podcast, Marshall explained how appearing on Sammy Guevara’s vlog has helped him cut promos and do character work in a way that the often loaded episodes of AEW Dynamite restricted.

“On Sammy’s vlog, there’s no filter,” said Marshall. “And I realized that, teaming with Dustin [Rhodes], as great as it is and was, I kinda was, there was only so much I could do, right? Tony Khan, our boss, he is the be-all, end-all. So when it comes to TV, Dark, Elevation, all that stuff, if he doesn’t want it, you’re not getting it, no matter what. You can try to sell him on it, but he’s highly intelligent. But with that being said, Sammy’s vlog gave the freedom to show personality because on TV, there’s only so much time.

“And when it came to cutting promos, Dustin got more of the time to cut, and he earned that. So I just went and found a different route. Being a Cody [Rhodes] guy, Cody’s not on BTE, so I didn’t go to the BTE. I went to Sammy’s [vlog.]”

Marshall then described how the things he talks about on the vlog are pulled directly from his life. He recapped a real story about how wrestlers asked him for bookings while he was actually in the ring on AEW Dynamite.

“I’m friends with Sammy and a lot of that stuff I was talking about was true. Like, you wouldn’t believe how many wrestlers e-mail me or text me on a live Dynamite day, asking me about bookings. Like when I turned on Cody, I had kids texting me. And I’m thinking like, I’m in the ring right now. You know what I mean? I came back and I’m like, a’Aw, man, they must have saw the turn. It must be a congrats, or this or that or the other, ‘I hate you.’ And it’s like, ‘Hey, could we get booked?’ And I’m thinking like, can you have any common sense whatsoever?”

The full episode is available here:

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