Pro Wrestling Tees Reveals Top Selling Shirts Of 2020

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Pro Wrestling Tees Reveals Top Selling Shirts Of 2020

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In a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, Pro Wrestling Tees owner Ryan Barkan went into detail about the origins of the company, its official dealings with AEW, and how Colt Cabana had been involved from the start.

During the interview, Ryan revealed the best-selling shirts of 2020, the first full year that AEW has been on TV hawking merchandise. Unsurprisingly, while PWT serves many different performers and companies, most of them were from AEW, but one special shirt broke into the top 5. Even more surprisingly, the top merch seller is someone who wasn’t even in the conversation a year ago:

“So the number one seller of the year is Orange Cassidy. It’s the orange shirt that just has his thumb on it and it says ‘Freshley Squeezed’. That’s the number one seller for the year. He’s also got the number two seller which is just his photo (on a white shirt). So those are the two. He’s a good seller. The number three seller is an Owen Hart shirt. We signed a deal with Dark Side of the Ring and Owen’s wife Martha and came out with a shirt. It’s his first shirt in twenty-something years, so that’s number three. Then there are two Chris Jericho Inner Circle shirts. There’s the Stadium Stampede Losers shirt, where it says ‘Champions’ but they’re really the losers. And then there’s a Guns N’ Roses parody shirt. So Chris Jericho is the top-selling wrestler of the year, by far, like no one is going to ever beat him but Orange Cassidy holds the top-selling shirt of the year.”

Ryan also revealed the not-as-surprising fact that the classic Bullet Club design from New Japan Pro Wrestling, is the top shirt of the site’s entire history. He estimates that he’s sold 150,000 of those alone, and they’re still up for sale now.

You can check out the full interview with Ryan Barkan in the video embedded below:

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Thanks to Chris Van Vliet for the above podcast quote!