Priscilla Kelly Debuts In MLW, Reveals Herself To Be ‘The Spider Lady’

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Priscilla Kelly Debuts In MLW, Reveals Herself To Be ‘The Spider Lady’

Priscilla Kelly

Photo Credit: Alan Davis / Black Rhino Studios

Priscilla Kelly has gone Major League.

This weekend on MLW Fusion, Kelly revealed herself as the mysterious Spider Lady after she was disqualified in the debut match for the women’s division as she faced off against Zeda Zhang. Kelly wrestled masked while showing her vicious side as she honed in on Zhang’s braced-up knee. Soon after, she locked in a mandible claw and wouldn’t relinquish the hold, causing the DQ and giving Zhang the win.

As she admired her work, that’s when Kelly ripped off the mask to show herself to the audience in Orlando. As an exclamation point to her unpredictability, Kelly kicked the referee below the belt before walking out of the ring. Post-match, Kelly stated why she came to MLW:

“I am the queen of doing the unexpected. I am the queen of shocking people and getting into their heads,” Priscilla said. She makes it clear that she’s here in MLW to make every women question their place and question their sanity as the women’s division moves forward.

With Priscilla changing the game, who else do you hope to see grace MLW’s women division? Sound off in the comments below. You can watch the entire episode of MLW Fusion below:

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