Previous WCCW Tag Team Champion Charged With Assault, More

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Former WCCW tag group champ Steve Cox has actually been charged with 2 counts of attack with a lethal weapon and a charge of threatening a violent act. The charges were initially reported by Lori Fullbright of Tulsa News 6. Cox worked for WCCW, Mid-South Wrestling, and other promos in his twenty-year profession.

The charges come from events returning to May 2022. The 63-year-old Cox was detained for leering at kids in a park. When faced by among the moms, Cox displayed a knife and threatened her. This caused the very first charge of attack with a fatal weapon.

The issues for Cox would continue. He verbally attacked 2 individuals who were strolling their pet dogs, prior to he “swerved and sped up at them, like he was going to strike them and came extremely close.” Cox then left the vehicle with a knife, threatening to eliminate both pedestrians and their pets. Cox was then recognized through authorities lineup, which resulted in the 2nd charge of attack with an unsafe weapon, and one act of threatening a violent act.

There have actually been other reports of Cox’s weird habits, though absolutely nothing that might cause an arrest. According to Fullbright, Cox has actually been implicated of following a teenage woman house, driving through communities and cursing at random individuals, viewing kids at the regional park, and enjoying kids leave the school bus.

All charges versus Cox are pending at this time.