Previous Referee Nick Patrick Thinks Vince McMahon Privately Controls AEW

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In the current episode of Monday Mailbag for AdFreeShows, Nick Patrick, a previous WWE and WCW referee, shared a hypothesis recommending that Vince McMahon, WWE’s Executive Chairman, is discreetly directing and managing AEW. He stated,

” I’m one of those old conspiracy theory people, I constantly believe Vince [McMahon] Is sitting behind every damn thing, and I’m typically. I’m simply a conspiracy theory man. He might not be running the important things, however he understands whatever that’s going on and there are other methods to manage them. … I believe it’s a work competition, truthfully, however it’s a controlled-inner workplace work competition.”

Patrick likewise elaborated on why this expected hypothesis is completely various from the WCW-ECW Incasion angle in 2001. He included,

” With this offer, a minimum of they got different business, and they keep the look of different owners and different business. If they’re going to manage it, that’s the method to do it.”

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