Prediction: Matt Hardy Suggests Mercedes Mone is Likely to Make AEW Debut

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During the latest edition of his “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy” podcast, AEW wrestler Matt Hardy commented on Mercedes Mone possibly joining AEW.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the rumored Mercedes Mone has signed with AEW: “I don’t know, but I would bank on it.”

On what Mone would do for the women’s division: “It’s gonna definitely boost the women’s division without a doubt. I mean, she’s one of the top women in the world. She has a huge, loyal, dedicated following, so yeah, it would be a big deal. It’d be a huge boost to the women’s division.”

Mone is expected to make her debut at the AEW Big Business event, which takes place on March 13 at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts.

AEW wrestler Matt Hardy recently discussed the potential signing of Mercedes Mone during an episode of his podcast, “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy.” While nothing has been confirmed, Hardy expressed his belief that Mone will join AEW, stating, “I don’t know, but I would bank on it.”

If the rumors are true and Mone does sign with AEW, it could have a significant impact on the women’s division. Hardy believes that her addition would undoubtedly boost the division, as Mone is considered one of the top women in the world. Not only does she possess exceptional in-ring skills, but she also has a large and dedicated fanbase.

Mone’s potential arrival at AEW has generated excitement among fans, who are eager to see her compete against the talented roster of female wrestlers in the promotion. Her presence would bring a fresh dynamic to the division and potentially elevate the level of competition.

While details regarding Mone’s debut have not been officially announced, it is speculated that she will make her first appearance at the AEW Big Business event on March 13. This event will be held at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts, and is expected to draw a significant crowd.

The potential signing of Mercedes Mone is just one example of AEW’s commitment to building a strong women’s division. The promotion has made significant strides in showcasing talented female wrestlers and providing them with meaningful storylines and opportunities to shine.

AEW has been praised for its inclusive approach to professional wrestling, focusing on creating diverse and compelling characters regardless of gender. The addition of Mone would further solidify AEW’s dedication to promoting women’s wrestling and providing a platform for talented performers to showcase their skills.

As fans eagerly await confirmation of Mercedes Mone’s signing with AEW, the anticipation continues to grow. If she does join the promotion, it is expected that her presence will have a positive impact on the women’s division, bringing new energy and excitement to AEW’s already thriving wrestling scene.