Powerslam.TV Update: DEFY NOW, UWA Brawl For It All, ECCW Halloween Hell

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Powerslam.TV Update: DEFY NOW, UWA Brawl For It All, ECCW Halloween Hell

PowerslamTV Update Week of 11/11

POWERSLAM.TV has added a ton of new content to their library this week—check out everything that’s been uploaded!

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DEFY Wrestling – DEFY NOW 11.07.19

Tama Tonga Vs. Ethan HD

DEFY Worldwide/PCW Ultra Tag Team Championship Match (All Violence Is Legal)
Warbeast – Jacob Fatu & Josef Samael – (c) Vs. Los Parks (El Hijo de LA Park & LA Park)

Mixed Tag Match
Danika Della Rouge & Ravenous Randy Myers Vs. Sloan & “Golden Boy” Travis Williams

La Raza (Leon Negro & Sonico) Vs. Guillermo Rosas & Super Crazy

UWA ELITE – Brawl For It All!

– The 30-Man Brawl For It All Match
– Bowes (c) vs. Robbie Roller for the UWA Elite Championship
– Matt Vertigo (c) vs. King Tek for the UWA Elite iChampionship
– Hedges (c) vs. Brandon The Bull in a Texas Bullrope Match for the UWMikA Elite Iron Man Championship
– Vincent Valentine vs. Sean “Damage” McNelis
– Mike C-Way vs. Miles Thomas
And More!

BODYSLAM! Pro-Wrestling

It’s a slam sermon as BODYSLAM! Wrestling emanates from a former church in the heart of Copenhagen! New faces and old friends congregate in Absalon as we see intergender action, unpredictable tag team matches and a title defense long in the making.

English commentary: Olie Spring & TJ Lea.
BODYSLAM! Championship match: Rick “the Prick” Dominick (c) vs. Michael Fynne
Intergender match: Aliss Ink vs. Marcus of Man
Harley Rage vs. El Styggelse vs. Thunderbolt
Bam Bam Quaade vs. Toby Zane
Tank vs. Emeritus
Erik Sabel & Pete Phoenix vs. Carlos Zamora & Captain BODYSLAM


from The Sapperton Pensioners Hall in New Westminster, BC on October 24th, 2019.
1) Billy Suede vs. Artemis Spencer (c) | ECCW Championship
2) Riea Von Slasher vs. Bambi Hall vs. Nicole Matthews (c) | ECCW Women’s Championship
3) Erik Strange vs. Eddie Osbourne vs. Draven Andrews vs. Daniel Makabe vs. Fergie
4) The Voros Twins vs. Ravenous Randy & ?
5) Shareef Morrow vs. Travis Williams (c) | ECCW Canadian Championship
6) 4 Minutes of Heat vs. Gross Misconduct vs. GODS vs. State of Emergency | ECCW Tag Team Championship
7) Beef Boy vs. Judas Icarus | Trick or Treat Death Match

Southern States Wrestling

Thanksgiving Night Extravaganza 2010
-Steve Flynn vs. Shane Royal
-Doug Gibson and Adam Sullin vs. Micheal Starr and O Dog
-Turkey Rumble Bobo Brown vs. Mountain Goat Jack
-Southern States Women’s Title Rebecca Lynn vs. Misty James
-Dan Costa w/ Star vs.Ray Idol
-Southern States Title vs. TV Title Frank Parker vs. Beau James
-Southern States Tag Titles John Noble and Earl Fields vs. Iron Cross and Bulldog Mac