Powerslam.TV Update: DEFY Celebrates Year 3, IPW:UK Is Hard As F*ck, Black Bart Shoot Interview

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Powerslam.TV Update: DEFY Celebrates Year 3, IPW:UK Is Hard As F*ck, Black Bart Shoot Interview

PowerslamTV Update Week of 2/10

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DEFY “Year 3” (January 31st 2020)

DEFY celebrates our third year anniversary with DEFY YEAR 3! From Friday, January 31st, 2020!

SCHAFF defends his DEFY World Championship against former champion Artemis Spencer in a LADDER MATCH!

Strong Hearts (CIMA, T-Hawk, and El Lindaman) take on Jurassic Express members Luchasaurus and Marko Stunt along with their partner Super Panda!

Killer Kross will take on the returning King Khash

The 2019 Match of the Year Presentation

DEFY Worldwide Tag Team Championship No Disqualification Match

Warbeast (c) Vs. 4 Minutes of Heat Vs. Amerikan Gunz

The 2020 DEFY 2 SURVIVE 10X Elimination Match

“Golden Boy” Travis Williams Vs. Sonico

Brought to you from DEFY “YEAR 3” at the Historic Washington Hall in Seattle, WA


Chris Ridgeway v Timothy Thatcher

Drew Parker v The invisible man

And lots more Tuesday night graps hijinx


IPW Fight For Your Right streams LIVE from the Casino Rooms in Rochester, Kent, where IPW World Champion Mark Haskins will be defending his title against “Battle Tested” Rob Lynch.

Also featuring a very special appearance from WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett. PLUS! The Hurricane! “Filthy” Tom Lawlor, Chelsea Green and more.

IPW:UK – UK Super 8 Tournament 2017

UK Super 8 Tournament 2017 First Round Match
Dave Mastiff vs Sammy Smooth (w/James Castle & Lewis Howley)

UK Super 8 Tournament 2017 First Round Match
RJ Singh vs Danny Duggan

UK Super 8 Tournament 2017 First Round Match
Andy Boy Simmonz vs Robert Sharpe

No Holds Barred Match
Sabu (w/The Super Genie) vs Jimmy Havoc

UK Super 8 Tournament 2017 First Round Match
Luke Phoenix vs Strangler Davis

Lewis Howley vs. Sid Scala

UK Super 8 Tournament 2017 Final Four Way Elimination Match
Luke Phoenix vs Andy Boy Simmonz vs Dave Mastiff vs RJ Singh

WhiteWolf Wrestling – La Hora de la Verdad

Enjoy our fourth show from the tenth season of Triple W, returning to Shoko Madrid and featuring Jordan Devlin and David Starr as our special guests

– Noah Striker vs Rocket

– Tavares de la Mancha vs Padre Paolo

– Battle Royale for a future championship match

– Elvis Harrison vs Rizo – Level One Championship

– Murdock vs Jordan Devlin

– Redención vs Arde Madrid – Triple W Tag Team Championship

– A-Kid vs David Starr

– Travis Banks vs David Ross – Triple W Absolute Championship

WhiteWolf Wrestling – Master

Enjoy our second show from the tenth season of Triple W with a very special guest, Mike Quackenbush. Now available at http://triplew.es/ondemand

– David Ross vs Padre Paolo – Torneo Apertura Semi Final

– Zayas vs Elías – Torneo Apertura Semi Final

– Elvis Harrison vs Orión – Level One Championship

– Carlos Vega vs Carlos Romo – RIOT Absolute Championship

– Némesis vs Redención – Triple W Tag Team Championship

– Travis Banks vs Noah Striker – Triple W Championship

– A-Kid vs Mike Quackenbush

TitleMatch Wrestling Network

Black Bart Shoot Interview

Title Match Network is proud to present this brand new shoot interview with former WCCW/NWA/GWF star Black Bart!

Recorded Jan 2020 in Weatherford, TX.

Black Bart is a former WCCW Champion, NWA Wrestling National Heavyweight Champion, multi-time Brass Knucks champ & tag team champ with Ron Bass.

Get ready for one the most entertaining shoot interview of 2020…and it’s only January!

Black Bart holds nothing back! Hear what Black Bart says really happened the night Bruiser Brody was murdered in Puerto Rico. Also, find out how Bart really feels about the Von Erich family. What was it like to wrestle the Von Erichs and what really happened to David Von Erich the night of his death? Hear what it was like to wrestle Kerry Von Erich’s final match (aka Texas Tornado in WWF).

We also discuss Bart’s legendary run in NWA/WCW where he wrestled the likes of Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Roddy Piper, Magnum TA, Blackjack Mulligan, Barry Windham, Sting, Dingo Warrior (aka Ultimate Warrior) and many more.

What about when Black Bart when to Mid-South where he shared the ring with Andre the Giant, Junkyard Dog, Ernie Ladd, Ted Dibiase, Missing Link amongst others.

Wait till you hear how WCW/WWE Champion Ric Flair sabotaged Bart’s gig back in the early 1990s. Black Bart was part of the Desperados, a team comprised of himself, Dutch Mantell (aka Zeb Coulter) and Deadeye Dick (aka Moondog Tex, Randy Colley). The team was gaining steam when allegedly Ric Flair helped put a stop to the momentum by speaking privately to Ted Turner.

We also talk about the 13 months Bart spent wrestling for Vince McMahon in WWF/WWE. What were his expectations before heading to New York? Why didn’t he go earlier with partner Ron Bass and what did Vince tell him was the reason he made him a jobber.

Clocking in at nearly 3 hours, this Black Bart Shoot Interview (2020) is tailor-made for old school NWA/WCCW fans.