Police Show Up To GCW Event Thinking Nick Gage Vs. Mance Warner Was A Real Fight

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Police Show Up To GCW Event Thinking Nick Gage Vs. Mance Warner Was A Real Fight

nick gage

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Things got wild enough at the GCW Outlaw Mudshow event last night between Nick Gage and Mance Warner than eight police officers showed up thinking there was a legitimate fight going on.

Joey Janela posted videos to his Twitter and explained that they were looking for Nick Gage regarding a concession stand brawl. Things reportedly got so out of control that the officers had no idea this was a staged fight.

The cops were reportedly still not convinced that this was staged and continued to keep an eye out on the guys after the match. Janela said they all went to a bar after the match and police were slowly driving by to get a look at the men. GCW held the event in Laramie, Wyoming, the first time a wrestling event was held in the town.

In the videos below, you can see parts of the brawl along with the police showing up thinking something was going on. It is unknown if someone called the police or if they just happened to see a fight going on and tried to step in.

8 Cops showed up questioning @ManceWarner and looking for Gage for the concussion stand brawl during the main event of @GCWrestling_

The good ole days are back! #LastOutlaws pic.twitter.com/cPJM0CPM5U

— “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela (@JANELABABY) June 20, 2021

It doesn’t stop! It’s real again baby pic.twitter.com/T3L85sFxyc

— “The Bad Boy” Joey Janela (@JANELABABY) June 20, 2021

nothing quite like a concession stand brawl #OutlawMudshow pic.twitter.com/nUs95VMl0T

— Tripping Balls (@IsThisWrestling) June 20, 2021

TOTAL CHAOS #OutlawMudShow pic.twitter.com/ZiIGc5FIzJ

— ryan (@VayaMalay) June 20, 2021

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