PJ Black Talks Current Relationship With WWE & Triple H, Reflects On Nexus Angle

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PJ Black Talks Current Relationship With WWE & Triple H, Reflects On Nexus Angle

pj black

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

VOC Nation recently spoke with PJ Black. He discussed re-signing with Ring of Honor, how the company differs from WWE politically, his current relationship with his former employer, and the Nexus angle.

Check out highlights below:

His current relationship with WWE:

Right before I signed with ROH a year ago … I walked in (to the Staples Center at Survivor Series in LA) and I ran into Hunter and Vince and I actually talked with them for a little while. There were some talks of me coming back but obviously the ROH thing came along and I took that. Hunter is an awesome dude and Vince is a crazy genius too. Me and Hunter had some misunderstandings in the past, but I mean that’s just business. I feel like you bump heads with your friends and your family all the time so that’s just normal. It’s not that I had like full time heat or anything.

On what Nexus achieved:

Maybe we could have pushed a little bit harder for things that we wanted to get done and wanted to happen; at the time we were still walking a little bit on eggshells and not really sure what we could get away with. Toward the end, we were pretty sure that we could get stuff done … It made it a little bit easier that a big group of us went up (to the main roster at the same time); it does feel good to be part of that history.

The difference between working in ROH and WWE:

If you want to get something done there are so many hoops that you have to jump through in a big company like WWE. They have all the agents and the writers and then it has to get cleared by Vince, so it takes a while … with ROH there is only one or two people and I can speak directly to them. All of my ideas are always appreciated and at least looked at. It’s a much easier process.

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