PJ Black On AEW, Hitting The 450 Splash On Vince McMahon And More

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PJ Black On AEW, Hitting The 450 Splash On Vince McMahon And More

pj black

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

PJ Black recently did an interview with Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, where he discussed several topics. Highlights include his thoughts on All Elite Wrestling, Marty Scurll and hitting the 450 Splash on Vince McMahon.

On his discussions with AEW :

Black: “Yup, I had some talks with people and you know, a lot of people who had some influence wanted to put me with [Angelico and Jack Evans] and obviously, those two also wanted that. But, I don’t want to get into the politics side of it, but something big happened and I don’t think I’ll ever work there.”

On Marty Scurll’s promotion with Ring of Honor:

Black: “I’m happy for Marty because he’s also a very creative person. I’m very excited to see what he’s gonna do with it, you know, because he has big dreams. Obviously his friends are in the other company but I feel like that’s gonna be a little competition thing for him and I think he’s gonna do well. I think he’s gonna thrive in that environment.

On why he was paired with Heath Slater:

Black: “I don’t even remember that. I know me and Heath always had good chemistry inside and outside the ring, you know, we were travel partners on the road for like four years so I saw this guy five days a week for four years so he’s like my brother so I guess that we were always joking backstage and pulling pranks on people, and just laughing and not taking life seriously so they were like let’s put these guys together, maybe? I forget.”

On doing the 450 Splash to Vince McMahon:

Black: “Oh man, that was a fun one. I think that was the one and only time that I ever winded myself, actually. I will never forget that because Vince is such a big man. People don’t realize, even for his age, if you look at him from the side, he’s really wide, he’s a bodybuilder, he’s a jacked dude. I must have for the first time in my life just…I don’t know. I remember standing up there too, for an extra ten seconds. I remember, I used to always stand up there for a long time to build suspense but I remember that day I stood there for an even longer time and I remember [Michael] Tarver and Wade [Barrett] and Heath [Slater] all together said, ‘Come on, baby.’ And I remember landing on him, but it was perfect, but it was just, I got so winded, I just looked at him and then afterwards in the back, I was like, ‘Ah I’m so sorry,’ and he’s like, ‘What for? That was great.’ And I was like, okay cool.”

The full interview is available here:

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