Peyton Royce Reflects On Her Career, Her Goals And More

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Peyton Royce Reflects On Her Career, Her Goals And More

Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

Peyton Royce recently appeared on The Chris Van Vliet Show, where she discussed various topics. The former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion talked about her tag team partner, Billie Kay, some of her dream matches, her husband, Shawn Spears, and more. Here are some highlights:

On her journey to where she is now:

Royce: “I mean, it was always the dream. My dreams, I haven’t even hit them all, but these were my dreams, so being in the moment, sometimes I have to like pinch myself and think, oh this is what you wanted and you’re here. Sometimes, like you don’t even notice that the door’s open and you’re already through the door, and you look back, and it’s oh, I got here, this is where I am. So I just pinch myself, I say a prayer, and I’m so thankful every night for everything that I have, I’m so blessed.”

On how her background in dancing helped her in her wrestling career:

Royce: “Dancing taught me so, so much that I’ve been able to translate in the ring. Things like footwork is just, that’s the number one thing that I’m grateful dancing taught me. The other thing is being aware of where you are in a space with other people around you, timing, rhythm, all of it. I was able to like use dancing and transfer it into my wrestling, and I’m so grateful that’s how my life panned out.”

On her goals in WWE:

Royce: “I always dreamed of being a women’s champion one day, so that is definitely still up there on my goals. Pioneering, helping to pioneer the women’s tag division was the number one goal on my list, absolutely had to be a part of making that happen, so it’s incredible that we got to do that. I want to be on top, I want to feel fulfilled, I just want to wrestle so bad, I just wanna be out there and do what I love to do. If I can do that on a top level, week after week after week, be a champion at some point, obviously, way down the line, I’m looking for the Hall of Fame type deal, but that’s the kind of career I want.”

The full video is available below. Te podcast is also available on Spotify.

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