Peyton Royce Gets Emotional On RAW Talk: ‘Just Let Me Go And See What Happens’

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Peyton Royce Gets Emotional On RAW Talk: ‘Just Let Me Go And See What Happens’

Peyton Royce

Peyton Royce

Peyton Royce just delivered what could be an early candidate for promo of the year on RAW Talk, indicating that she is tired of the same women getting opportunities time and time again.

Host Kevin Patrick and R-Truth sat in awe as they watched Peyton Royce deliver one of the best promos of her career. Royce began by saying, “I’m not here to hide my talents, in fact, my talents are hidden behind the opinion of others. But why not just let me go, just let me go and see what happens.”

Royce described in greater detail exactly what she meant, saying “Asuka is injured right now and yes that sucks for her. But when a talent goes down, a spot opens up, and that spot is massive. So why not me? Why does it always have to be the same old same old. I packed up my life, I moved across the world and setup in a completely different country with not much of a support system to chase this dream. To get stuck in a locker room watching other women do what I do better than 98% of them. And the other 2%, I’d sure as hell give them a run for their money.”

Royce continued to get more emotional as she expressed her feelings on the situation. She said, “It actually hurts. When you know deep in your soul you are destined to be where you are, striving for what you feel you deserve. My potential haunts me. When you strive for something you feel you really deserve… This is where I am meant to be. My patience has been running thin for quite some time, so stop wasting my time and give me Asuka.”

Peyton threw the mic down onto the desk and walked away after this, leaving Kevin and R-Truth at the table sitting in silence. Other female superstars in the WWE locker room have since tweeted an outpouring of support for Royce and her comments including former partner Billie Kay, Bayley, and Mandy Rose.

You can watch the entire piece below along with some of the replies to her promo from other superstars. Let us know what you think of Royce’s comments below.

👀 👀 👀@PeytonRoyceWWE just went OFF on #RawTalk. She wants an opportunity against #WWERaw #WomensChampion @WWEAsuka!

— WWE (@WWE) March 9, 2021

Tell'em #relentless

— Ember NXT Moon Palmer (@WWEEmberMoon) March 9, 2021


— Daddy Deville (@SonyaDevilleWWE) March 9, 2021


— Billie Kay (@BillieKayWWE) March 9, 2021

Give us @PeytonRoyceWWE vs @WWEAsuka #rawtalk

— Leah Van Dale (@CarmellaWWE) March 9, 2021

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