Pete Dunne On Teaming With Matt Riddle: ‘We Don’t Want To Be Short-Lived’

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Pete Dunne On Teaming With Matt Riddle: ‘We Don’t Want To Be Short-Lived’

Pete Dunne

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

As of late, Pete Dunne’s role in NXT has shifted from a stonefaced singles competitor to being the straight-man half of a tag team with Matt Riddle.

Speaking exclusively with Newsweek, Dunne commented on the challenges in entering a tandem and the growth of the bond between The BroserWeights.

“The main challenge is being put into a tag team, where you’ve never done any tag team stuff before, even coming up with new moves and ideas,” he proclaimed. “Also a challenging part is those vignettes. I’ve never been known for my talking, so it’s been exciting to be challenged in both of those areas. Having said that, it’s also come together kinda easily. As soon as we had that first tag team wrestling match, for us and the overall opinion seems to be, it felt like we were teaming for a long time. The benefit of being on television is not just the matches we put together, not just the TakeOvers the championship match or the Dusty Classic stuff, but to have those vignettes go out to show a different side of yourself, especially for myself. Since I’ve been in the company, I’ve been having those big title matches in the UK or showing the more serious side of wrestling. But to show that we can do both, we can make people laugh and get people invested in our matches as well, it’s been a great experience.”

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The Undisputed ERA has cornered the NXT tag team division in recent years, and Pete Dunne says their time has come.

“The story for us is our tag team is a little thrown together. We don’t want to be a short-lived thing. We want to be around for a long time, and it’s sort of a changing of the guard in NXT. Undisputed Era had a great run, but now it’s our time to build the tag team division behind us.”

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