Peacock Editing Controversial Content Out Of Old WWE Programming

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Peacock Editing Controversial Content Out Of Old WWE Programming

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It appears that Peacock is altering the library of WWE content it recently acquired.

Several controversial moments and segments have been edited out of older WWE content that’s now streaming on Peacock, h/t Mike Johnson of PWInsider.

Several sources have noted that WrestleMania 6 and WWE Survivor Series 2005 are two of the most evident examples.

First, WrestleMania 6 has been edited so that Roddy Piper’s match and promo, in which he has half-black face paint, have been removed from the event. The show is now roughly 12 minutes shorter. At WrestleMania 6, Piper faced Bad News Brown and painted his face half-black for the storyline.

Subscribers have also noticed that a backstage segment from WWE Survivor Series 2005, in which Mr. McMahon says the “n” word to Booker T, has been edited out, too.

These controversial moments were not edited on the WWE Network; they aired in full on that platform. But Peacock has retroactively changed the content. Many fans are wondering whether Peacock will edit the Attitude Era, old-school ECW, and other controversial programming, but only time will tell whether that’s the case.

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