PCW UK Closing Down Again Due To COVID-19 Concerns, Hoping To Resume Events In 2021

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PCW UK Closing Down Again Due To COVID-19 Concerns, Hoping To Resume Events In 2021


PCW UK is closing down once more but the promotion hopes to start back up in the new year. PCW posted the following message, revealing they will go on hiatus due to the rise of COVID-19 cases locally.

Not the easiest post to write with so many looking forward to our shows this weekend but we must postpone the events.

Yesterday we had decided to cancel the October 24th Lancaster event and withdrawn our temporary event notice application. The October 23rd Preston event was very different with the venue having a wrestling license already so it was a lot more straightforward until Preston went into Tier 3 and we have been battling with what we should do but unfortunately we just have to cancel with the current Lancashire Covid cases on the rise in such a big way and we are being pressured by Preston City Council to do so. With Tier 3 news only being given late on Friday it had taken until yesterday to talk to the local authorities about our shows and why we had to wait until today to give you the news.

We will be issuing full refunds to fans who purchased tickets and we are sorry to let you down. Give us until the end of the month to make sure we get your refund to you.

PCW will be closing down again for now but we will be still using [email protected] if you have any outstanding issues we can resolve so that we open up on a clean slate in what is looking like 2021.
We will let you know 2021 dates very soon and our first show of that year will be the PCW Academy fundraiser event with us needing every penny to keep that open in these difficult times. Thank you to all the loyal support from the PCW fan base and we will be back and hope to see you all when shows can happen.

PCW had been on hiatus since March due to the pandemic and had recently started advertising new live events at limited capacity under the name “Pro Championship Wrestling UK” last month.