PCO On Whether Or Not He’s Helped ROH Grow

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PCO On Whether Or Not He’s Helped ROH Grow


Photo Credit: Chris Hall / Ring Of Honor

PCO has had a monstrous career resurgence in Ring of Honor but has he helped them experience a resurgence too?

Speaking with Spencer Love, PCO opened up about winning the ROH Championship at over 50 years old and whether or not he feels he’s accomplished his goal of helping the promotion grow.

Spencer passed along the following quotes.

PCO on winning the ROH Heavyweight Championship:

”Yeah, it means so much more, because you feel that you earned it, you know, it’s not something that was handed to you. You really never stopped believing, you’re really – you’re achieving yourself, you know, you’re realizing a goal that a lot of wrestlers will never have the chance to achieve. It’s just, it’s just amazing. It’s such a great, awesome feeling., and, you know, there’s still work. I’m still learning, (I’m) still learning a lot of things as I go on the journey. I don’t think we ever stop learning, but I learned a lot, you know, during that experience.”

“All those experiences though, like, when you when the title, all those moments (flash) in your mind, you know. You have all – all this is like in a minute and 30 seconds. You see all your career unfold in front of you, and all the way up to this. You see all the setbacks, all the obstacles, all the naysayers, the non-believers, the people who trash you or didn’t believe in you. You go through all that, and then, when you get it, it’s like, wow. It’s the best feeling in the world.”

PCO on if he feels he’s accomplished his goal of growing ROH as a promotion:

”Yeah, I think the pandemic kinda stopped the process a little bit, but I think – I did some major, major like podcasts, talk shows, major talk shows with over 1.5 million viewers. I was invited – I was the last guest of the night. I was like the main event of the show. I think I did put Ring of Honor’s name on every lips. Everybody that was watching and everybody was waiting for a big Championship match at the Bell Center (in) Montreal, and I had all the journalists and newspaper guys and columnists waiting for it, and everybody, they were saying all the same things, you know, ‘(if) you defend the title in Montreal, we’re selling out the Bell Center. So that would have been like an All In for Ring of Honor, Part Two. It would have been insane.”

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