PCO On Making The Most Of His ‘Jean-Pierre LaFitte’ Pirate Gimmick In WWE & Working With Bret Hart

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PCO On Making The Most Of His ‘Jean-Pierre LaFitte’ Pirate Gimmick In WWE & Working With Bret Hart


Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

PCO is a monster, but monsters can be a bit optimistic when they’re working with “The Excellence of Execution.” The former ROH World Champion was on WrestleRoasts with comedians Dan St. Germain, Scott Chaplain, Mike Lawrence and former WWE writer, Robert Karpeles and touched upon his memorable run with Bret Hart. PCO was repackaged as “Jean-Pierre LaFitte” who was the Kayfabe descendant of shoot pirate, Jean LaFitte.

“I love Bret. I mean Bret was so cool with me. Like he’s been so business, like he would give me his phone number, I would call him at home,” PCO said. He mentioned how Bret wasn’t the type to answer a phone call from his house, but did to discuss their upcoming plans in the ring.

“He really wanted to have the best matches he could with me and the match.” Their match at In Your House 3 actually ended up being on Bret’s Dungeon Collection DVD set which PCO is very proud of, but that wasn’t the first time he and the Hitman encountered one another as they had several run-ins when PCO was a part of The Quebecers.

“That’s how we started the connection me and Bret and then after that when I became the pirate he goes on and saying that it’s probably the lamest storyline he’s been involved in,” PCO said. St. Germain asked about how he reacted to being booked with a weird pirate gimmick who steals stuff.

“My reaction was ‘At least they want to do something with it,’ you know? It’s not like they were not going to do anything,” he said.

“At first I stole I think it was Savio Vega’s flag cause he used to go the ring with a flag all the time. Then it was a kid who wore Bret’s glasses when after his matches he’d always gave his pair of glasses and then I stole it from the kid which was Yokozuna’s kid,” PCO said, giving a factoid. “It was like a pre-arranged a little bit cause you just don’t go in the crowd and take glasses from a kid, you know?”

“So I was happy because they were doing something with me and then I got to feud with Bret and Bret was the top man at the time. He was the man. He was the guy who had been the world champ and all that. He was basically putting the company on his shoulders quite a lot so I was super thrilled even though it was a lame storyline.”

“I made the best of it, that was my thinking of going into it.”

Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone

You can listen to the full episode of WrestleRoasts below which not only includes the PCO interview, but the roast of The Fiend.

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