PCO Aims to Achieve TNA World Heavyweight Championship in 2024

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PCO may be one of the oldest names on Impact Wrestling’s roster, but the veteran has plans to hold world championship gold next year.

The Canadian wrestler recently signed a new contract with Impact and said that Scott D’Amore made him an offer he could not refuse.


Speaking on “Knockouts and 3 Counts”, PCO was asked about his goals when Impact Wrestling becomes TNA Wrestling in 2024. He said,

“My main goal is always…when I first signed in 2019 with Ring of Honor, I believe it was 2019, my goal was to become the world champ. This is the same goal with TNA, to become the world heavyweight champion in the company, and also to keep improving the character in a way where there is no other option, you have to go to that route because people are wanting it. It’s there. That’s my main goal.

“Get more people on the bandwagon. There’s a lot of kids on it with their parents, which is kind of a double generation thing because either the parents explain to their kids, ‘Okay, I know this guy from before,’ but…I think that’s why kids like monsters and things like that. It feels like to them not a superhero because I’m their favorite wrestler, but they don’t want to come by for a picture because they’re afraid.

“But in the meantime, it’s a double-edged sword for the kids. But I see in their eyes when they get in close, they’re afraid, but in the meantime, they’re happy. I go through that a lot. Just growing this thing bigger and bigger and bigger, I think that’s the challenge.”

Impact announced at Bound for Glory 2023 that they will become TNA Wrestling next year. The change will come into effect with TNA Hard to Kill in January 2024.

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PCO, also known as Pierre Carl Ouellet, is a veteran wrestler who is determined to achieve world championship gold in Impact Wrestling next year. Recently signing a new contract with Impact, PCO expressed his excitement about the offer he received from Scott D’Amore, stating that it was an opportunity he couldn’t refuse.

During an interview on “Knockouts and 3 Counts,” PCO was asked about his goals for when Impact Wrestling transitions into TNA Wrestling in 2024. He revealed that his main goal has always been to become the world heavyweight champion in the company. He also emphasized the importance of continuously improving his character and creating a demand for it among the fans. PCO believes that by captivating the audience with his unique persona, he can attract more people to support him and the promotion.

PCO also shared his observations about the younger generation of fans. He mentioned that many kids are drawn to characters like monsters because they find them fascinating and exciting. However, he acknowledged that some children may be afraid to approach him for a picture due to his intimidating appearance. Despite this, PCO sees the joy in their eyes when they get close to him, indicating that they are both scared and happy at the same time. He sees this as a challenge and aims to continue growing his fanbase and making a lasting impact on the wrestling industry.

The transition from Impact Wrestling to TNA Wrestling was announced at Bound for Glory 2023, with the change set to take place in January 2024 during TNA Hard to Kill. This rebranding signifies a new chapter for the promotion and presents an opportunity for PCO to pursue his goal of becoming the world heavyweight champion.

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