Paul Wight Refutes Steroid Use Allegations Following Inclusion in 2013 BioGenesis Investigation

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ESPN claims to have acquired over 1,400 pages of unredacted federal investigative documents into the probe of BioGenesis in 2013.

BioGenesis was investigated by the DEA in “Operation Strikeout” for steroids, which ultimately resulted in the conviction of clinic owner and biochemist Tony Bosch and seven associates. 21 MLB players, including Alex Rodriguez, Nelson Cruz, and Ryan Braun, were also suspended.


The obtained pages reveal that AEW broadcaster (and then-WWE wrestler) Paul Wight used to be one of Bosch’s clients.

In a 2014 interview, Bosch claimed that he treated Wight in 2009-10 and that his partner, Jorge “Ugi” Velazquez, gave the wrestler performance-enhancing drugs behind his back and Wight “advised him that wrestlers wanted stronger substances, such as Winstrol and Deca-Durabolin — which didn’t mesh with Bosch’s doping protocols.”

Velazquez called Bosch a “snitch” and added,

“What I believe it is, when you are doing a deal with the government, you need to bring stuff to the table to make yourself bigger so you can have more value. [Bosch] is trying to make himself bigger than he is, like always. He is a nobody.”

However, Wight and his lawyer Edward Brennan, have denied ever using steroids or availing Bosch’s services.

Wight claimed that Bosch was at his home for a “Thanksgiving open house” with other wrestlers and that the two met each other after the event.

Brennan declared that Wight never failed a drug test and that taking steroids would have endangered his life due to an endocrine system disorder.

Brennan said in a statement,

“Paul never treated with Bosch. Paul never took any PEDs from Ugi or anyone else. He is as clean as you can be. More importantly, he would never take any PEDs because of his underlying medical condition.”

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In a recent revelation, ESPN claims to have obtained over 1,400 pages of unredacted federal investigative documents regarding the BioGenesis scandal in 2013. BioGenesis was a clinic that came under investigation by the DEA in “Operation Strikeout” for distributing steroids. The investigation ultimately led to the conviction of clinic owner Tony Bosch and seven associates, as well as the suspension of 21 MLB players, including Alex Rodriguez, Nelson Cruz, and Ryan Braun.

Among the information revealed in these documents is the involvement of AEW broadcaster and former WWE wrestler Paul Wight, also known as Big Show. According to a 2014 interview with Bosch, Wight was one of his clients from 2009-2010. Bosch claimed that his partner, Jorge “Ugi” Velazquez, provided Wight with performance-enhancing drugs without Bosch’s knowledge. Wight allegedly requested stronger substances such as Winstrol and Deca-Durabolin, which did not align with Bosch’s doping protocols.

Velazquez, however, dismissed Bosch’s claims and labeled him a “snitch.” He suggested that Bosch was exaggerating his involvement to gain favor with the government. Wight and his lawyer, Edward Brennan, have vehemently denied ever using steroids or seeking Bosch’s services. They maintain that Wight’s encounter with Bosch was limited to a Thanksgiving open house event at Wight’s home, where they simply met each other.

Brennan further emphasized that Wight never failed a drug test and that using steroids would have posed a significant risk to his health due to an underlying endocrine system disorder. He stated that Wight is completely clean and would never consider using performance-enhancing drugs because of his medical condition.

It is important to note that these allegations have not been proven, and Wight maintains his innocence. The obtained documents shed light on an aspect of the BioGenesis scandal that involves a prominent figure in the wrestling industry. However, it is crucial to await further developments and any potential legal proceedings before drawing any conclusions.

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