Paul Wight On His Diet & Recovery From Knee Surgery

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AEW star Paul Wight is working hard to lose weight while also recovering from a major knee surgery he underwent last year.

Speaking with Metro, Wight spoke about his weight and his efforts to slim down. He said,


“Right now, I’m at about 414, 413 [lbs]. I wanna try to get back down to about 385, so I’ve still got work to do… The first syllable in the word diets is DIE [laughs.] You just have to make lifestyle changes, and you have to burn more calories than you take in. I’ve had a summer with a lot of friends and families around, a lot of things rolling — then there’s this celebration, then this dinner.”

Wight also addressed his recovery process following knee surgery last year. He said,

“It’s been a struggle to get that trust and confidence back in that appendage.”

Wight added that he’s been able to distract himself from his concerns about her recovery by playing Dungeons and Dragons with friends.

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