Paul Walter Hauser Discloses How His Wrestling Career Was Ignited by DDP

Paul Walter Hauser Discloses How His Wrestling Career Was Ignited by DDP
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In a fresh conversation with the renowned Atlanta Constitution-Journal, actor and professional wrestler Paul Walter Hauser opened up about the crucial point in his life when he decided to follow his passion for wrestling as a profession.

Hauser, who is recognised for his skills in multiple fields, is preparing to take part in an imminent MLW Battle Riot VI event scheduled for this weekend. The event is set to take place at the Center Stage, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Several powerful remarks from Hauser’s interview are recapped below:

Regarding his first significant wrestling move in 2021 under the guidance of DDP, Hauser shares: “Dallas proposed that I get in the ring and take a bump… On touching the wrestling ring, an enchanting occurrence took place – the ring’s sound, which I loved throughout my life, harmonized with my presence in the ring. It was at that moment, I realized, ‘This is what I am meant to do’.”

When asked about his preference between fans at a wrestling match and a red carpet event: “I have merchandise that I personally distribute, and I am constantly traveling to distinct cities for wrestling matches. I would compare it to high school theater and sports. It exhibits the unpredictable competitiveness of sports while also offering a hint of group dynamics found in theater. I genuinely enjoy these encounters, especially with people at smaller venues.”

Discussing his strategy for ensuring safety in the ring: “It all revolves around maintaining a fit state of health and respecting your own limitations. If during a match someone suggests a move that I believe might harm either party in the long run, I will decline. I will not risk it. There are things I’m capable of, and those will be demonstrated beginning with Battle Riot at MLW.”

On keeping himself physically fit: “I am in excellent shape currently. I experience great vitality and I have a clear mind. Precise cognitive abilities are essential in the ring because your physical responses are dictated by your mental state”.