Paul London On Chris Jericho: “Don’t Always Meet Your Heroes”

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In a recent interview with Wrestling Then and Now, Paul London was asked to provide his one-word thoughts on several of his former coworkers, including Big Show, Batista, and John Cena.

London had nothing but high praise for Cena, applauding his exceptional work ethic and dubbing him as the “Mick Jagger of wrestling.” He said,


“Mick Jagger of wrestling. Just the hardest working guy. Amazing. Like I said, I can’t just say one word. The guy learned Chinese fluently, like fluent Mandarin to improve business relations, you know what I mean? What does that say? That’s insane. So, very happy for his success.”

However, when the conversation shifted to Chris Jericho, London hesitated before speaking, saying:

“I’m trying not to censor or mute myself now, but… don’t always meet your heroes, you know? Don’t always meet your heroes. I loved Jericho as a kid; as you start to work with guys, you see different sides of them.”

When the interviewer expressed reluctance to cut London off and asked if he wanted to continue, London replied:

“I mean, no. He’ll talk about himself enough, I’m sure; what am I going to add to it?”

(h/t Inside The Ropes)

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