Paul Heyman Wants Vince McMahon In A Posedown At WrestleMania

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Paul Heyman Wants Vince McMahon In A Posedown At WrestleMania

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The mad genius behind ECW and the recent head booker of a “love” filled run on Monday Night Raw has a mind for good matchups. When asked by the Sports Illustrated Media podcast what he’d love to do at WrestleMania if he were to have a match or moment, Heyman had a very specific and very off the wall idea.

I want to main event a WrestleMania in a Bodybuilding Pose Down with Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Number one, I’m sure the payday would be spectacular. Number two, because I wear suits all the time, my physique is highly underrated and underappreciated. Vince McMahon, to his credit, still works out very hard in the gym. I would love to defeat him in a Bodybuilding Pose Down at WrestleMania

Heyman, likely having some fun with the podcast hosts, could still probably come up with enough good ideas to make the posedown an event worth tuning in for. The trash talk will at least be as legendary as the contest between Scott Steiner and Rob Terry on TNA television almost a decade ago.

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