Paul Heyman Pays Tribute To The Late “Superstar” Billy Graham

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“Superstar” Billy Graham passed away on May 17 at the age of 79 following a series of serious health complications.

In a post on Instagram, Paul Heyman paid tribute to Graham and credited the late wrestling legend for helping him break into the wrestling business.


Heyman wrote, “I was 19 years old when I was a play-by-play announcer for the NWF, a Northeast independent with a cast of characters who had big dreams and aspirations to go national (indeed, international). One of the main players on the roster? Superstar Billy Graham, who lit up the microphone in a manner that to this day will still cause even those “inside the business” to just stare in awe.

I truly sucked as a teenage play by play announcer, and probably sucked worse as the interviewer. But Superstar was SuperGenerous, a true professional and an even better friend. He never had a problem sharing the oxygen in the room, but make no mistake about it. The oxygen all flowed to him. How could it not? He wasn’t just one of many. He stood out. He was an original, and a damn disruptive one at that. He was the women’s pet, the men’s regret, and what you ain’t seen … is better yet!

Ladies and Gentlemen, please do yourselves a favor and go down the YouTube rabbit hole and check out clips of this extraordinary performer, a full generation ahead of his time. The ORIGINAL WWE Superstar. Superstar Billy Graham! ”

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