Paul Heyman: New Day Will Be ‘A Footnote’ In Big E’s Career

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Paul Heyman: New Day Will Be ‘A Footnote’ In Big E’s Career

Big E Paul Heyman Talking Smack

Photo: WWE Network

Talking Smack continues to be one of the hidden gems each wee on the WWE Network, due in no small part to giving Paul Heyman a voice on camera each week to analyze and discuss the topics of any given SmackDown. This week, it was Big E’s turn in the hot seat. Coming out to his new music as performed by Wale, he was frustrated following his match with Sami Zayn. This resulted in a gospel-esque promo that was dripping with charisma.

Paul Heyman gave Big E applause for his words and then gave a promo of his own that blended both the in-ring storytelling and the meta-story in a way that only Paul Heyman can get away with. He said that everyone in WWE has been waiting to see this version of Big E ever since he graduated from the very early days of NXT. The frustration from being torn away from New Day unexpectedly is still fresh, but Paul believes that his accomplishments with the team will pale in comparison to what he can accomplish on his own.

Furthermore, he implies that Mr. Langston will be the breakout star from The New Day, comparing him to Roman Reigns and reminding the wrestler of how little The Shield comes up in the story of The Big Dog in 2020. As Heyman sees it, this all hangs on Big E accepting that The New Day was one part of a journey and not the full destination. It’s certainly something to think about even for those fans who want The New Day to stick together till the end.

Long live Talking Smack.

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