Paul Heyman: My Role Alongside Roman Reigns Is A ‘Bigger’ Job Than Being The Executive Director Of RAW

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Paul Heyman: My Role Alongside Roman Reigns Is A ‘Bigger’ Job Than Being The Executive Director Of RAW

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As the special counsel to Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman has remained on top of WWE ever since the reigning Universal Champion returned at WWE SummerSlam 2020.

By Reigns’ side, Heyman has arguably been doing the best work of his career, and during an appearance on Out of Character with Ryan Satin, he stated that this role is even more significant than his previous job as the executive director of WWE RAW. Heyman called his current spot “the highlest level” he could possibly be.

“I consider this more accountability, more responsibility, a bigger platform, a bigger job than when I was executive director of RAW. This is the biggest thing I could be doing. I am attached to the hip of the undisputed, uncontroverted number one superstar in not only WWE, but in all of sports entertainment. And I’m working with him, I assure you, as much behind the scenes as I do on camera. This is a legit, professional collaborative effort.”

Heyman then stated that if anyone more suited for the role comes along, he’d want them to have it because he never likes to be the second-best at anything.

“I only want this gig as long as I’m the man for it, or the woman for it, or whatever, the being for it, as long as I’m the best for it. If there’s someone that comes along that would serve Roman Reigns better, serve the character Roman Reigns better, serve the marketing of Roman Reigns better, serve the intellectual property of Roman Reigns better, serve WWE better in this capacity, I want them to have the gig. I don’t want ever want to be second-best at anything.”

The former executive director then described the challenge to constantly improve, and he emphasized the importance of getting better all the time. If he ever reaches the point where he’s not growing on a consistent basis, he encouraged WWE to get rid of him.

“If my promos tomorrow are not better than my promos today, and my promos two days from now are not better than my promos tomorrow, I’m not progressing, I’m not getting better,” said Heyman. “Throw me out the door, get rid of me, it’s time for me to go. The whole point is to be better tomorrow.

Finally, Heyman made it clear that he enjoys his work with Reigns, and he will eagerly defend his “throne” every time he’s on the screen.

“This is the gig to have,” said Heyman. “Trust me, this is the gig. I gotta defend it. I’m not abdicating my throne. I’m defending it passionately every single time.”

The full interview is available below, and it is also on Spotify, among other platforms:

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