Paul Heyman Claims to be the Greatest Manager of All Time, Asuka Shares Fresh Photo, and Other Updates

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Paul Heyman recently took to Twitter to agree with several fans who have called him the greatest wrestling manager of all time. Heyman wrote,

“I thank you for your recognition. Yes, I am the #GOAT. That, for the record, is undisputed and by now, uncontroverted. For the record …I was BFF with @cmpunk (longest reigning champion of the modern era). #Advocate to @BrockLesnar (broke that record). #SpecialCounsel and #Wiseman to @WWERomanReigns (smashed all records)! You damn right I get better with each and every single performance. If I’m not better tomorrow than I am today … and better 2 days from now than I am tomorrow … then I’m resting on my laurels, and there’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many people out there who are comfortable doing that. That’s not a way to own property on the Island of Relevancy!”


Asuka also took to Twitter to share a group photo of herself with Shinsuke Nakamura, IYO SKY, Kairi Sane and Akira Tozawa. You can check that out below:

Satoshi Kojima took to Twitter today to announce that he was a fan of The Rock’s superhero movie Black Adam. He wrote,

“I saw Dwayne Johnson’s (The Rock)’s “Black Adam” on the plane home, and it was really cool, and I was really moved by it. I’m Bread Adam.”

And finally, MLW Azteca Lucha in Chicago, IL had the most first day ticket sales since before the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Paul Heyman, a prominent figure in the world of professional wrestling, recently took to Twitter to assert his claim as the greatest wrestling manager of all time. Heyman’s tweet garnered attention from fans and sparked a debate about his legacy in the industry.

In his tweet, Heyman thanked his supporters for recognizing his greatness and confidently declared himself as the “#GOAT” (Greatest of All Time). He emphasized that his status as the best wrestling manager is undisputed and uncontroverted. Heyman also highlighted his successful partnerships with notable wrestlers such as CM Punk, Brock Lesnar, and Roman Reigns, who have achieved remarkable records under his guidance.

Heyman’s tweet reflects his unwavering commitment to continuous improvement. He stated that he strives to be better with each performance and refuses to rest on his laurels. According to Heyman, complacency is not an option for those who want to remain relevant in the wrestling industry.

The response to Heyman’s tweet has been mixed, with some fans agreeing with his claim and others expressing their disagreement. The debate over the greatest wrestling manager of all time is subjective and varies depending on personal opinions and preferences.

In other wrestling news, Asuka, a popular female wrestler, shared a group photo on Twitter featuring herself alongside Shinsuke Nakamura, IYO SKY, Kairi Sane, and Akira Tozawa. The photo showcases the camaraderie among these wrestlers and gives fans a glimpse into their off-screen relationships.

Satoshi Kojima, another wrestler, took to Twitter to express his admiration for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s superhero movie, “Black Adam.” Kojima praised the film and revealed that he was deeply moved by it. He humorously referred to himself as “Bread Adam,” a play on the movie’s title.

Lastly, it was reported that MLW Azteca Lucha in Chicago, IL, experienced a surge in ticket sales on its first day, marking a significant milestone since the COVID-19 pandemic began. This news indicates a positive trend for the wrestling industry as live events gradually resume and fans eagerly return to arenas.

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In conclusion, Paul Heyman’s claim as the greatest wrestling manager of all time has sparked a lively discussion among fans. While opinions may differ, Heyman’s accomplishments and impact on the industry cannot be denied. The wrestling world continues to evolve, with wrestlers like Asuka and Satoshi Kojima making their own mark. Exciting developments, such as the resurgence of ticket sales for live events, indicate a promising future for wrestling enthusiasts worldwide.