Pat McAfee Sports A Neck Brace Post-NXT TakeOver: War Games, Cites ‘Precautionary Reasons’

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Pat McAfee Sports A Neck Brace Post-NXT TakeOver: War Games, Cites ‘Precautionary Reasons’

Pat McAfee

Photo: Pat McAfee Show 2.0

Pat McAfee wants you to know that Kayfabe isn’t dead. As a follow-up to his brutal NXT TakeOver: War Games bout against The Undisputed Era, McAfee came sauntering into his podcast studio with a “crispy” white neck brace on. He addressed the elephant in the room and his lack of seating donut.

“It was a helluva match, ‘kay? Helluva show, by the way, from top to bottom, helluva match,” McAfee states. “My guys and I ended up losing to the scumbags of the Undisputed Era and I’m not happy about it. This neck brace is only for precautionary reasons at the moment. I am sitting up a little bit more on my seat because I should probably sitting on a donut right now.

“And I only have sandals on right now because I couldn’t put any shoes on because I believe I broke my big toe. So, not an overreaction! This is my life now, okay? And although we did not get the ‘dub’ I will let you know, we did not go down without a fight and the next time we get our hands on them they’ll be the ones wearing the neck braces!”

Later during an interview with Darrius Butler, Pat gets a wee bit of flack from his cohort, AJ Hawk as he can’t help to hold back a grin.

“What’s that, AJ? Sorry, you had more?” Pat asks.

“You remind me of someone who got in a tiny fender bender and is trying to work out a settlement or something like that,” says the former Green Bay linebacker. Pat takes exception.

“A tiny fender bender! Excuse me, I don’t know if you saw, I was upside down at about 20 feet last night!”

(Transcription credit should go to fellow Pittsburgher, @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

Rip Rogers sure didn’t just teach Pat the in-ring intelligence as Pat continues to do it for “The (Black & Gold) Brand.” Check out the full show below:

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