Pat McAfee Discusses the Rapid Development of His WWE SmackDown Appearance

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Pat McAfee did a segment with The Rock and Austin Theory on Friday’s WWE SmackDown that saw The Rock lay out the former WWE United States Champion. 

McAfee spoke more about his most recent return on the newest edition of The Pat McAfee Show


“‘Hey, you wanna go down SmackDown? Open the show and then be in the ring with The Rock whenever he does his thing?’ ‘Uh, I guess, yeah.’ Got there 5:34 local time, because traffic from Boulder to Denver was not great. Show starts 6 local time. So, a lot of people talk about, ‘How long did everything come together?’ It’s like, real quick. We’re talking everything came together real, real quick. What an honor to be back there honestly. Absolute honor to be back. Great to see everybody. I thank them mightley for the opportunity to do that and then this pop (for The Rock) right here… That’s Attitude Era, that’s way back in the day. The Rock hadn’t been back in four years and this crowd was loud to begin with. When I went out there, I heard it. I was like, oh, this is a louder crowd than it normally is and then all of a sudden, not only is it an active and loud crowd, then you got the, ‘If ya!’ With his social media guy going through the background and a great shot right there. What a night dude. I’m so thankful that I was even asked to be a part of that. It was so cool to see everybody though, you know? And then watching The Rock just in there. You watch his face when I said, ‘It’s a two-hour show’ and he looks at me, ‘The Rock knows it’s a two-hour show…’ That was amazing (being part of the Cena-Rock segment). They were like, ‘Hey, we’re gonna have you guys walk out here.’ This is literally on our way out. They’re like, ‘Can we get a shot of you guys walking out? And then obviously, we’ll have Cena in there as well.’ I was like, ‘You don’t need to have me in here… Listen, I understand the game here. There is no reason for me to be here. I appreciate it.’ They’re like, ‘No, no, need you there.’ Okay, you said it and then just, ‘Yeah, absolutely.’ So then I’m standing there just like everybody else watching these two. I’m like, are these two about to set up for a WrestleMania run right now? I didn’t know if it was about to be a work or not, then obviously, ‘I see you smiling.’ The whole thing, it was cool. It was electrifying. 

They told me to stay in the ring, like, ‘Stay in the ring the whole time.’ I’m like, ‘I don’t think I should be in there. We got a thing happening here.’ ‘Stay in the ring and then after, we’ll potentially work a little bit’ and I’m like, ‘Okay, so am I punting? What am I doing? A leg drop? What am I doing? ‘People’s Elbow.’ ‘Oh, okay. I’m doing a People’s Elbow. Alright, sweet.’ So everything’s being told to me and I’m like, ‘Oh, okay. Is that good?’ ‘Yeah,’ and once again, don’t have to happen though. Every time they pitch something, I’m like, ‘All good…’ Thank you for all of that.”

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Former NFL player turned professional wrestler, Pat McAfee, recently made a memorable appearance on WWE SmackDown alongside wrestling legends The Rock and Austin Theory. McAfee shared his experience on his show, The Pat McAfee Show, expressing his gratitude for the opportunity and the excitement of being in the ring with The Rock.

McAfee revealed that the segment came together very quickly, as he was asked to open the show and join The Rock in the ring. Despite facing traffic delays on his way to the event, McAfee arrived just in time for the show to start. He described it as an honor to be back in the WWE and to see familiar faces. The crowd’s energy was electric, especially when The Rock made his entrance, reminiscent of the Attitude Era.

During the segment, McAfee had a humorous exchange with The Rock, where he mentioned that SmackDown is a two-hour show. The Rock’s reaction to this comment left McAfee in awe. McAfee also shared that he was initially unsure if he should stay in the ring during the segment, but was instructed to do so by the WWE staff. He even jokingly asked if he should perform a punt, a leg drop, or The People’s Elbow, to which he was told to go with The People’s Elbow.

The entire experience left McAfee feeling grateful and amazed. He expressed his appreciation for being included in such a significant moment and witnessing the potential setup for a WrestleMania run between The Rock and John Cena. McAfee’s enthusiasm and excitement were evident as he described the electrifying atmosphere and his role in the segment.

As fans of professional wrestling, it’s always exciting to see unexpected collaborations and appearances. Pat McAfee’s return to WWE SmackDown alongside The Rock and Austin Theory created a memorable moment for both him and the fans. McAfee’s genuine appreciation for the opportunity and his enthusiasm for the wrestling industry make him a welcome addition to the WWE family.

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