Parker Boudreaux and 7 Others Released from AEW: Latest Update

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The AEW releases continue.

According to a report from Fightful, Parker Boudreaux, The Boys, Anthony Henry, Jora Johl, Slim J, Gravity, and Jose The Assistant have all been released from Tony Khan’s promotion. They join Stu Grayson and Dasha Kuret as the latest names in this round of releases.

It is said that the releases are continuing at this time.

In a surprising turn of events, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has announced a series of releases from their roster. Among the names let go are Parker Boudreaux, The Boys, Anthony Henry, Jora Johl, Slim J, Gravity, and Jose The Assistant. This news comes as a shock to many fans and industry insiders alike.

The release of Parker Boudreaux is particularly noteworthy. Boudreaux, a highly touted prospect, was signed by AEW with much fanfare. Known for his impressive physique and athleticism, he was expected to be a major player in the promotion’s future. However, it seems that plans have changed, and Boudreaux’s time with AEW has come to an abrupt end.

The release of The Boys, Anthony Henry, Jora Johl, Slim J, Gravity, and Jose The Assistant also raises eyebrows. While these names may not be as well-known as Boudreaux, they were all valuable members of the AEW roster. Their departures leave a void that will need to be filled by new talent or existing wrestlers stepping up to the plate.

Stu Grayson and Dasha Kuret are two other notable names who have been released in this round of cuts. Grayson was a member of the popular tag team Dark Order, while Kuret served as a backstage interviewer and commentator. Their departures will undoubtedly be felt by both the fans and their colleagues.

It is unclear why AEW has decided to make these releases at this time. Speculation has run rampant, with some suggesting budget cuts or creative differences as possible reasons. However, until an official statement is released by the promotion or the individuals involved, we can only speculate.

What is clear is that AEW is going through a period of transition. With these releases, the promotion is signaling a shift in its direction and priorities. It remains to be seen how these changes will affect the overall product and the fanbase’s perception of AEW.

For the wrestlers who have been released, this is undoubtedly a challenging time. The professional wrestling industry can be unpredictable, and finding new opportunities can be difficult. However, many talented individuals have thrived after being released from major promotions, carving out successful careers on the independent circuit or signing with other promotions.

Fans of AEW will be eagerly watching to see how the promotion moves forward from these releases. Will they bring in new talent to fill the gaps? Will existing wrestlers be given more prominent roles? Only time will tell. In the meantime, the wrestling world will continue to speculate and anticipate what the future holds for AEW and its roster.