Paige On Being A More Grounded Person; Talks Prospect Of New Reality Show

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Paige On Being A More Grounded Person; Talks Prospect Of New Reality Show


Photo by Joachim Sielski/Bongarts/Getty Images

Part two of Paige‘s episode with Chasing Glory aired this week on Lilian Garcia’s YouTube channel and the WWE star had a lot to share regarding her time on reality television. Paige was once a main feature on E!’s Total Divas, but that happened to be a much different time in her life. Now with a new mindset, lifestyle and outlook, Paige has been proactive in getting herself back out there that doesn’t invovle wrestling. Part of that may involve her and her boyfriend, Ronnie Radke, in a reality series of their own.

“I just think me and Ronnie having a reality show together too so I’ve been doing like throwing like bits and pieces here and all these producers are hitting me up about it so I’ve been trying to like focus on like getting maybe mine and Ronnie’s brand out there a little bit more and then people can see more inside my life and remember me for something different, maybe change their minds a little bit, but like, yeah they get to see our day-to-day lives too so I want to start doing that and then I just now to get my name back out there. I feel like I’ve gone to like a little bit quiet for a little bit now…”

Paige continues:

“I’m kind of happy that I kind of I took a step back from that because I feel like with Total Divas there’s a lot of just like memories that I want to forget too. I’ve had ex-boyfriends on there and I was like a party animal and stuff like that and I just wanted to have a new show where they can see the new me. Like the more adult me and the more focused I am and the more sober I am. That’s what I want to do is build something completely new. Like a fresh start kind of thing.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

So much more from this episode as Paige and Lilian talk her experience as a regular on WWE Backstage and attending the Sundance Film Festival with The Rock. Check out the entire episode below:

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