Otis Reveals His Great-Grandmother Was A Carnival Wrestler

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Otis Reveals His Great-Grandmother Was A Carnival Wrestler

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Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

It turns out that being an entertainer is in Otis’ DNA.

The Heavy Machinery member was a guest on Corey Graves’ After the Bell podcast this week and revealed a fun fact about his great-grandmother. “She was a wrestler in the carnivals,” said Otis. “Her name was Kattle Kate. This is back in the day where they were like, ‘Who can slam this 300-pound woman in the ring?’ They’d have a plant in the crowd, and couldn’t slam her, and she’d throw him off. That was her night job, was to travel around different towns and carnivals to wrestle.”

Otis also revealed why she took up wrestling. “If you have seven kids back then, you gotta feed ’em, right? So, that was your night job, and that was what she did. Because she was about 5’5″, 280, a big Greek woman. She raised my mom and a lot of my stuff I do on TV is very much inspired by her.”

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