Otis Addresses Recent WWE PC Report: ‘It’s A Tool For Us To Get Better’

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Otis Addresses Recent WWE PC Report: ‘It’s A Tool For Us To Get Better’

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Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Pro wrestling is a genre that always presents a learning experience and Otis said as much in a recent interview with Ryan Satin.

One of the most talked about reports this week is Vince McMahon wanting to send several big men down to the Performance Center to refine their work, names that included Otis and Keith Lee. Dave Meltzer initially made the report stating that Vince “threw a fit” over several roster members’ working abilities, while Mike Johnson of PWInsider provided the names.

Otis was asked by Satin about those reports and the big man had this to say:

“It wasn’t like, ‘Hey, we were told this and that.’ That Performance Center is a tool for us to get better.

If another big man wants to come up to me and wants to work on stuff, or vice versa. We’re always working.

So, that report was kind of funny at the same time. We’re never not working. Especially now that we don’t have live events, so we can’t really get our stuff out. It’s just bottled inside in a little bottle.

Right now it’s like, we’re not getting that stuff out there. So, we’ll find more and more ways to get in the ring with each other. Which, nothing beats a crowd. That’s the one thing I miss to this day is that crowd, man. Feeling that rush from there.

But now it’s time to get better. It really hasn’t been set dates, there hasn’t been set anything. It’s just, like, when you want to come in, brother. Or I’ll talk to Braun about something, so me and Braun will do curls for about thirty minutes. Then, let’s talk about something over here. So, it’s always been there.

I don’t know why it came in a big report gimmick.

But, yeah, I don’t know.”

Otis also talks about his rock solid relationship with Chad Gable, who he’s been paired up with on these recent weeks of SmackDown.

Do you think some of the larger wrestlers need to go back to the “big man” basics? Sound off in the comments below.

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