Ortiz – ‘People Keep Turning On Me Because I’m Too Nice’

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During his time in All Elite Wrestling, Ortiz has been attacked by the Inner Circle, Eddie Kingston, and others.

Speaking on a recent episode of the “WhatCulture” podcast, the AEW wrestler revealed that he’s “too nice” of a person and that’s the reason why people keep turning on him.


Additionally, Ortiz commented on wanting to show a more aggressive side of himself moving forward.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On why people keep turning on him: “I think I’m too nice. That’s what it is. I’m a little bit of a people pleaser, so I try to be nice. I like to see the cup half full [and] see the best in people, but I feel like that’s come back to bite me in my butt.”

On wanting to show a more aggressive side of himself: “There’ll be moments where I have a fire lit underneath my ass and I want to do something more. People have to navigate. Not just in wrestling, it’s just life. [Find] the right balance for everything.”

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