Ortiz from AEW Scheduled for Surgery

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During his appearance on Isiah Kassidy’s vlog, Ortiz disclosed that he is currently dealing with a torn pec.

At the time of filming, he mentioned that he is scheduled to undergo surgery in two weeks and anticipates being sidelined for four months.

Ortiz last wrestled on the January 20th episode of AEW Collision. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Professional wrestler Ortiz recently revealed that he is currently dealing with a torn pectoral muscle. The news came during his appearance on Isiah Kassidy’s vlog, where he shared the details of his injury and upcoming surgery.

Ortiz mentioned that he is scheduled to undergo surgery in two weeks, and he expects to be sidelined for approximately four months during the recovery process. This unfortunate setback means that Ortiz will have to take a break from wrestling for a significant period of time.

The last time Ortiz competed in the ring was on the January 20th episode of AEW Collision. Fans of Ortiz and his tag team partner Santana will have to wait patiently for his return to action.

A torn pectoral muscle is a common injury among athletes, especially those involved in contact sports like professional wrestling. The pectoral muscles, located in the chest area, are responsible for various movements of the shoulder and arm. When these muscles are overstretched or subjected to excessive force, they can tear.

The severity of a torn pectoral muscle can vary, ranging from a partial tear to a complete rupture. In Ortiz’s case, the exact extent of his injury has not been disclosed. However, surgery is often required to repair a torn pectoral muscle, especially if it is a complete tear.

During the surgery, the torn ends of the muscle are reattached to each other or to the bone using sutures or anchors. Following the procedure, a period of rest and rehabilitation is necessary to allow the muscle to heal properly and regain its strength.

Recovery from a torn pectoral muscle can be a lengthy process. Initially, Ortiz will need to immobilize his arm and shoulder to protect the healing muscle. Physical therapy and rehabilitation exercises will gradually be introduced to help restore range of motion, flexibility, and strength.

It is crucial for Ortiz to follow his medical team’s instructions and adhere to the prescribed rehabilitation program to ensure a successful recovery. Rushing the healing process or returning to physical activity too soon can lead to reinjury or complications.

During Ortiz’s absence from the wrestling scene, his tag team partner Santana may continue to compete as a singles wrestler or team up with another partner. This injury also presents an opportunity for other wrestlers to step up and fill the void left by Ortiz’s absence.

Fans of Ortiz and the wrestling community as a whole will undoubtedly miss his presence in the ring. However, injuries are an unfortunate reality in professional sports, and it is essential for athletes to prioritize their health and well-being.

We wish Ortiz a speedy recovery and hope to see him back in action, stronger than ever, after his rehabilitation period. In the meantime, fans can support him by sending positive messages and staying updated on his progress through his social media channels and future vlogs.