Orange Cassidy Talks Why He Doesn’t Do Many Promos, Respect For Jon Moxley

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Orange Cassidy spoke about his match with Jon Moxley at AEW All Out, which was the show’s main event, in an interview with Sports Illustrated. Here are the highlights:

Not cutting many promos:


“I don’t like to talk. I let my actions speak for me. That’s not how this works. People are supposed to grab a microphone and tell you how to feel. I see it differently. I think our fans are very smart, and their emotions can speak for themselves. I do it in the ring through actually wrestling. I may not nail it every time, but I’m telling my story through professional wrestling. It’s taken me a long time to figure it out, but I refuse to do it the way it’s been done.”

Moxley not bleeding in the bout:

“It wasn’t for lack of trying. But for a guy who bleeds as much as Jon, I couldn’t get him to. I don’t know what that says about me.”

His relationship with Best Friends:

“I always make it a point that we’re shown together. I wouldn’t have had that championship and I wouldn’t have been able to do what I did without Trent, Chuck, and Kris. We are legitimately best friends. Mentally and physically, we rely on each other. There have been times where I was so hurt I couldn’t lift my bag into an overhead compartment, and Chuck’s done it for me. Trent’s always there for me. Kris has literally carried me places. Without them, I’d never have been able to accomplish what I did.”

His respect for Jon Moxley:

“That’s the guy who put AEW on his shoulders when we needed carrying. The respect I have for Jon Moxley is immense. He leads by example, and his presence and actions make us better professional wrestlers and better people. And yes, when you’re in a ring with him, you’re going to bleed.”

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