Orange Cassidy Shares His Thoughts on Collaborating with Kris Statlander and Provides Additional Insights

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On a recent edition of the “Under The Ring” podcast, Orange Cassidy spoke about his relationship with Kris Statlander, referring to the TBS Champion as one of the best wrestlers in the world.

Cassidy said, “Kris Statlander is very special because she’s part of our little stable and her and I have become very good friends. She’s in a very similar spot that I was when I had my first title run. So we can kind of lean on each other and help each other out. It’s not really so much that I’m mentoring her, we’re just bouncing ideas off each other.”


He continued, “It’s also very easy when Kris Statlander is one of the best professional wrestlers in the world to be like, ‘Oh, hey, you should do this,’ and she does it incredibly. I’m not really doing too much she’s already figured it out.”

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In a recent episode of the “Under The Ring” podcast, Orange Cassidy opened up about his friendship and working relationship with Kris Statlander, praising her as one of the best wrestlers in the world. Cassidy, known for his laid-back persona and unique wrestling style, expressed his admiration for Statlander and how they support each other in their respective careers.

According to Cassidy, Statlander is part of their “little stable,” referring to the group of wrestlers they associate with. He mentioned that they have developed a strong bond and have become good friends. Cassidy also drew parallels between Statlander’s current position in her career and his own experience during his first title run. He emphasized that they lean on each other for support and bounce ideas off one another.

However, Cassidy clarified that he doesn’t see himself as Statlander’s mentor but rather as a friend who shares the same passion for wrestling. He acknowledged Statlander’s exceptional talent and highlighted her ability to execute ideas flawlessly. Cassidy mentioned that it’s easy for him to suggest things to Statlander because she is already an outstanding professional wrestler who has figured out many aspects of the craft.

The podcast episode provided insight into the camaraderie and collaboration within the wrestling community. It showcased how wrestlers like Cassidy and Statlander support each other’s growth and success. The exchange of ideas and experiences helps them navigate the challenges and opportunities that come with their profession.

To further delve into the topic, fans can watch the embedded video in the article featuring Orange Cassidy discussing his rivalry with Jon Moxley and other aspects of his career in All Elite Wrestling (AEW). The video provides additional context to Cassidy’s comments about his relationship with Statlander.

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In conclusion, Orange Cassidy’s recent remarks on the “Under The Ring” podcast shed light on his friendship with Kris Statlander and their mutual support as professional wrestlers. Cassidy’s admiration for Statlander’s skills and their collaborative dynamic exemplify the camaraderie within the wrestling community. As fans, we can appreciate the bond between these talented individuals and look forward to witnessing their continued success in the ring.