Orange Cassidy Explores the Development of His Character in AEW

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On a recent edition of “The Mark Hoke Show” podcast, Orange Cassidy discussed the evolution of his character in AEW.

Cassidy will defend the AEW International Championship against Roderick Strong at next month’s Revolution 2024 pay-per-view event.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On his change to a more serious persona: “I did what I had to do to get the job done and when people start to understand your strategy or what you do in the ring, you have to change it up. I also think I’ve been challenged a lot. From Chris Jericho, Matt Hardy, Adam Cole, and then the International Championship run that I’m on now, that first match with Jon Moxley changed something within me. He brought it out of me. It’s the things that I need to do to continue to be successful. I don’t know if I were in another place or in another company that I would be able to go through that transformation.”

On the perception around him as a “comedy wrestler”: “I think people have this idea about someone like me as a comedy wrestler that, and I hate the word comedy wrestler. But they say that and then that’s the one note joke I do for however long I can do that one note until you get sick of me and I leave and I’m very grateful that I have a company like AEW and Tony Khan that saw that like no we can show a wide variety of who Orange Cassidy is and I feel it’s important I treat professional wrestling very seriously and I consider it an art form. I do think that when you look at something or see something that’s art, you should feel all emotions, you know, sadness, happiness. I try to do whatever I can to make those emotions come through and if AEW were to not exist, I don’t think I’d be able to do that.”

Orange Cassidy, one of the most unique and entertaining characters in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), recently opened up about the evolution of his persona in a podcast interview. Known for his laid-back and nonchalant approach to wrestling, Cassidy has gained a massive following and has become a fan favorite. However, he revealed that there is much more to his character than meets the eye.

During the interview on “The Mark Hoke Show,” Cassidy discussed how he had to adapt and change his wrestling style to stay successful in the industry. He acknowledged that when people start to understand your strategy or what you do in the ring, you have to switch it up. Cassidy mentioned that he has faced numerous challenges from notable wrestlers like Chris Jericho, Matt Hardy, Adam Cole, and his ongoing International Championship run. He specifically highlighted his match with Jon Moxley as a turning point that brought out a different side of him. Cassidy expressed gratitude towards AEW for providing him with the platform to go through this transformation.

One of the main topics Cassidy addressed was the perception around him as a “comedy wrestler.” He expressed his dislike for the term and explained that people often assume he can only deliver one-note jokes. However, Cassidy emphasized that he treats professional wrestling very seriously and considers it an art form. He believes that art should evoke various emotions, including sadness and happiness. Cassidy strives to make these emotions come through in his performances, showcasing a wide range of who Orange Cassidy truly is.

Cassidy also expressed his gratitude towards AEW and its founder, Tony Khan, for recognizing his potential beyond being labeled as a comedy wrestler. He believes that AEW allows him to showcase the full spectrum of his character and abilities. Without AEW’s existence, Cassidy doubts he would have the same opportunities to explore and express himself as an artist within the wrestling industry.

The interview sheds light on the depth and complexity of Orange Cassidy’s character. While his laid-back persona may be his trademark, Cassidy’s evolution and willingness to adapt have proven that he is more than just a comedy wrestler. With his upcoming AEW International Championship defense against Roderick Strong at Revolution 2024, fans can expect to see a different side of Cassidy as he continues to grow and redefine his character.

Overall, Orange Cassidy’s journey in AEW serves as a reminder that professional wrestling is not limited to one-dimensional characters. It is an art form that allows performers to explore various emotions and evolve their personas. Cassidy’s story is a testament to the importance of embracing change and continuously pushing boundaries in the world of wrestling.