Omos Comments On Being Noticed For His Sheer Size, Desire To Face Odyssey Jones

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Omos eagerly anticipates the opportunity to face off against another formidable athlete, Odyssey Jones, within a WWE ring.

In a recent appearance on the “It’s Mike Jones” podcast, Omos delved into the experience of being a prominent WWE Superstar, touching on a variety of subjects.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

Regarding his noticeable presence due to his size: “When I’m flying through airports, I put on my hoodie or my headphones, but people still see me and are amazed of how large of a human being I am. I really can’t escape it. I’ve tried to, but I really cannot.”

Expressing his desire for a match against Odyssey Jones: “Him and I were in the same class together and learned how to wrestle. Hopefully whenever he gets to build up his name, we get to wrestle one another, because I think Odyssey Jones, man, he has a huge [future] ahead of him.”

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