nZo Challenges Tama Tonga To A Match Over WrestleMania Weekend (Video)

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nZo Challenges Tama Tonga To A Match Over WrestleMania Weekend (Video)

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Tama Tonga and nZo have been embattled in a war of words with one another on social media for quite sometime and last week, Tonga agreed to have a match for charity against the former Amore, just a matter of picking the time and venue. Josh Barnett expressed his interest in hosting the match for Bloodsport III which will occur over WrestleMania weekend, but according to the video below, nZo has other plans, calling Tonga out. He thanks Barnett for the opportunity to fight on the Bloodsport platform before channeling some Allen Iverson about how he wants to handle his grudge with the Bullet Club stalwart.

“Dude Tama, you are as smooth as a side street in Harlem, okay? You try and trap me, put me in a corner, make me look like a bad guy. Dude, I’m on the corner and I am the trap and I ain’t selling for you and I don’t work for nobody. You and I both know that I got offered $25 grand for this match and I turned it down, now you wanna turn around and give the bag to charity? Well touche, bro. If you Google ‘real one’ my face pops up! I’m the realest guy in the room and that ain’t a work, it’s a shoot! So Josh Barnett, thank you so much for offering me your platform at Bloodsport, maybe for a more worthy opponent, but we talkin’ about practice. We talkin’ bout practice. We talkin’ about Tama ‘Tampon’ Tonga, if we’re really gonna do this thing for charity, it won’t be on anyone’s platform.”

nZo continues to state that he called the venue Tonga’s scheduled to be at on April 2 and they will provide him a ring, a referee and tickets for sale.

“Dude, I just called the venue directly that you’re going to be at April 2nd. They’re going to give my brand a ring, a venue, a referee, tickets, okay? And any money I raise, is going towards depression and suicide prevention, but make no mistake about it, the biggest charity I’m doing here is for Haku, doing something that nobody else could do for him and that’s make one of his sons famous, ya mark ass bitch. How you doin’!”

The venue nZo is referring could be The Ritz Ybor in Tampa as that’s hosting NJPW’s Lion Break Project 3 on April 2. Currently Tonga is not a name listed at the event, but Hiroshi Tanashi along with some of the Young Lions prospects will be there with more names to be announced.

You can see the entire promo below:

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