Nyla Rose On Criticism Of Lack Of Storylines For AEW’s Women, Her Message To Internet Trolls

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Nyla Rose On Criticism Of Lack Of Storylines For AEW’s Women, Her Message To Internet Trolls

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) star Nyla Rose was recently interviewed by Ring the Belle to talk about several professional wrestling topics. Rose was asked about if AEW backstage is a safe space for LGBTQ talents, who is the leader of the women’s division, her thoughts on internet trolls, and more.

Here are the highlights:

Whether AEW Backstage is a Safe Space for LGBTQ Talents:

I’ve said it a million times. I’ll say it a million more. It’s such a different environment. It’s very warm and very welcoming. Granted, when we’re running TV, everybody’s a little stressed. But everybody feels like a family. Like many families, we bicker and fight. We handle that all in the ring, but it’s been very welcoming.

The Leader of AEW’s Women’s Division:

Our vets are the leader. Kong by far is the one command in that locker room, and we all fall in line because she’s Awesome Kong. Just natural respect for her.

Thoughts on the Criticism on the Lack of Storyline for the Women:

I think it’s a valid concern, but I think people need to slow down hold the horses. We’ve only been on TV for six weeks. We have to establish everything, absolute pandemonium. First up, we got our world champion lined up. What’s next, tag team. On the first show, we established who the women’s champion is, so you knew some of the people coming into this. So [women’s division] took, I don’t want to say a back seat, but it kind of ran in the background a little bit. But now if you look on TV, we have three and four segments going. Things are picking up, so just be calm be patient. There’s a method to the madness.

Nerd Side that Inspired Her Wrestling Gear:

There’s a nerd side. What kind of sparked all this is the Dark Brotherhood. Some people out there got it. Skyrim the Dark Brotherhood is kind of like a no brainer.

Her Thoughts on the Internet Trolls:

I feel like a lot of people are kind of projecting their own unhappiness on to me, and using me as an outlet. A punching bag, if you will. It sucks, and please stop doing it. I celebrate Christmas. You can give me that for Christmas, just effing stop. But I get it. Some people are a little bit confused. Because for some reason a lot of male fans when they watch wrestling, they judge how good it is by how funny their pants feel.

So when I come on the TV and their pants feel tingly, they get a little confusing. I get that. But it’s ok. It doesn’t change anything about you that doesn’t want to change. You don’t have to have some internal conflict struggle. But if you want to talk about it we can just please stop calling me names.

Whether Her Being a Transgender Wrestler Affects Her Wrestling Character:

I’m not Joey Ryan. I don’t win matches with my groin. So it’s not a point of discussion, it shouldn’t be. It shouldn’t matter. But there’s nothing wrong with the other side of things. If that’s how you choose to express yourself, there are so many different flavors out there. You don’t have to tear someone down to build yourself up just because something isn’t your flavor.

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