Nyla Rose Expresses Concern Over Fans Gathering at Airports for Wrestler Autographs

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AEW’s Nyla Rose is the latest wrestler to deal with a group of individuals who wait in airports and similar locations to get autographs. 

This has been an issue in the past, something that went viral earlier this year when Rey Mysterio was asked to sign multiple things. These people will sell the autographed items on eBay as a way to get profits. 


Rose took to Twitter to call out these same people. She wrote: 

From now on if you are a group of assholes lurking at the airport at 5:30 in the morning waiting on autographs. I ain’t signing shit unless you have a coffee for me and you hit the Nana and let me record it… it’s only fair. Not even creep behavior. Just selfish asshole behavior… the people that do this resell… they want, dare I say demanding your product (your signature) for them to re-sell and pocket all The money off someone else’s likeness. Then it creates a Weird situation for actual fans because now they’re scared to approach in a totally innocent and organic chance encounter. I can’t speak for anyone else but if it’s a genuine chance encounter and you see me out somewhere, by all means come say hi. I’m happy to sign the thing or take the picture… forever blessed and grateful to do so.

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AEW’s Nyla Rose Calls Out Autograph Seekers at Airports

Autograph seekers have been a common sight at airports and similar locations, eagerly waiting for their favorite wrestlers to arrive and hoping to get their signatures. However, this practice has recently come under scrutiny as some individuals are taking advantage of the situation for personal gain. AEW’s Nyla Rose is the latest wrestler to speak out against these opportunistic autograph seekers.

The issue gained attention earlier this year when legendary wrestler Rey Mysterio was bombarded with requests to sign multiple items at an airport. These autograph seekers often sell the signed items on platforms like eBay, making a profit from someone else’s likeness. This not only takes away from the genuine experience of meeting a fan but also creates a strange and uncomfortable situation for both wrestlers and true fans.

Nyla Rose took to Twitter to express her frustration with these individuals. In her tweet, she called them out, stating that she would no longer sign anything unless they brought her a coffee, hit the Nana (a reference to marijuana), and allowed her to record it. She argued that this was not just creepy behavior but also selfish and disrespectful. Rose emphasized that these autograph seekers were demanding wrestlers’ signatures to resell them and pocket the profits, which ultimately harms the fans who genuinely want to interact with their favorite wrestlers.

The AEW star highlighted the negative impact of this behavior on innocent and organic chance encounters between wrestlers and fans. She mentioned that fans might now be afraid to approach wrestlers in public due to the fear of being associated with these opportunistic autograph seekers. Rose made it clear that if fans genuinely encounter her in public, she is happy to sign autographs or take pictures, as she feels blessed and grateful for the support she receives.

This issue raises questions about the ethics of autograph seeking and the impact it has on both wrestlers and fans. While it is understandable that fans want to collect memorabilia and connect with their favorite wrestlers, it is essential to respect boundaries and not exploit the situation for personal gain. Wrestlers should be able to enjoy their private lives without feeling constantly hounded by autograph seekers.

In conclusion, Nyla Rose’s call-out of autograph seekers at airports sheds light on a growing issue within the wrestling community. Wrestlers deserve to have their boundaries respected, and true fans should be able to approach them without fear or hesitation. It is crucial for fans to understand the impact of their actions and consider the consequences of their behavior. By promoting a respectful and genuine fan-wrestler interaction, the wrestling community can create a more positive and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.