NXT’s Robert Stone Wants To Manage Conor McGregor’s Wrestling Career

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NXT’s Robert Stone Wants To Manage Conor McGregor’s Wrestling Career

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

NXT manager Robert Stone, who can be seen Wednesday nights managing Chelsea Green, wants to land a much bigger client.

Stone told TMZ that he wants to manage the wrestling career of former two division Ultimate Fighting Championship titleholder Conor McGregor. “McGregor was meant to be part of sports entertainment,” said Stone. “I think everyone kinda already knows that. It’s just a waiting game. His entrance, the way he talks, the way he walks, the way he fights. This guy would be perfect for the Robert Strauss brand. there’s a lot of money for him to make in this.”

Stone would continue his pitch by saying that many other celebrities are interested. “I’ve talked to so many people, heard so many things over the years. Big names like that want to get into sports entertainment, they just don’t know how to.” He also believes this can be a path to major films. “If you really think about it, there’s John Cena, there’s [Dave] Bautista, there’s The Rock. These guys are so big right now in movies and commercials and talk shows. I think more sports entertainers can be doing those things they just don’t know that they could be and I’m going to help them get those opportunities.”

Of course, the Irish wrestling star certainly doesn’t need a mouthpiece as he’s a better promo than most wrestlers. So, don’t expect this to happen except in the dreams of Stone.

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