NXT UK Will Reportedly Not See Any Roster Cuts At This Time

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NXT UK Will Reportedly Not See Any Roster Cuts At This Time

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WWE is in the midst of making drastic roster changes during this COVID-19 pandemic and the NXT UK talent are reportedly safe from being released.

According to a report by Tony Quant of Mirror Sport, NXT UK will not be seeing any roster cuts at this time and will continue to be paid in full. It should be noted that the in-ring superstars are not allowed to be furloughed as they are considered self-employed/independent contractors.

This comes as good news to many NXT UK fans who were concerned that the roster could be hit hard with releases. Kassius Ohno was recently affiliated with NXT UK and appears to be one of the released superstars, as he has changed his name to ‘WWE Alumni’ on social media channels.

Just spoke to a source who has confirmed that WWE NXT UK will be making no cuts to its roster at this time. Also the roster are getting paid in full and will not be furloughed as they are all self employed!

— Tony Quant (@TopRopeTony) April 19, 2020

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