NXT Japan Could Be Closer Than Ever Thanks To Global Pandemic

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NXT Japan Could Be Closer Than Ever Thanks To Global Pandemic

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It’s been known for a while that WWE wants to expand its NXT brand beyond the US and the UK markets. Triple H has said that he wants NXTs and Performance Centers around the world, and Japan is one of the markets the company is most actively seeking in recent times. It’s been slowgoing, mostly thanks to the evidence that NXT UK provides on how WWE moving into town affects the other companies in the global territory. However, things may have changed in WWE’s favor.

In a report in the Wrestling Observer, Dave Meltzer claims that the current global pandemic could push some companies that wouldn’t otherwise cooperate with Vince McMahon and company to sign on.

Due to the virus, the situation in Japan has changed once again. Before, nobody wanted to sell to WWE and now with most companies in tough financial straits, it’s become a buyers market and it is believed companies that otherwise wouldn’t sell would be willing to do so and WWE could have a local infrastructure and start being a force in that market.

Dave goes on to say that this would be the only competition possible that could challenge New Japan Pro-Wrestling on their home turf. Thanks to these turbulent times, “the odds are significantly better” that companies will fold themselves into a WWE subsidiary.

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