NWA Surveying Fans Regarding A Potential Powerrr Return

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NWA Surveying Fans Regarding A Potential Powerrr Return

NWA Powerrr

After several prominent talents left for greener pastures, the NWA is reevaluating its operation. This includes NWA Powerrr, its Tuesday night YouTube series that took a hiatus at the start of the global pandemic. NWA sent out an email with a link to a survey asking fans a few demographic questions with the hopes that they can figure out if the show still makes sense in the new normal.

Among the questions asked are standard age and income questions alongside a few more specifics. Those questions include whether the fan in question is a subscriber to the WWE Network, whether they subscriber to any other wrestling services, and whether they would pay for an NWA-specific PPV. Fans are also asked where NWA stands in comparison to other wrestling companies currently.

NWA Powerrr was building up good momentum before the pandemic, but with several high profile talents leaving the promotion this year, it will basically be a start from scratch if and when the show returns. For now, fans can watch the stars of the National Wrestling Alliance as a part of the UWN Primetime Live PPV series.

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