NWA Lost Over $500,000 By Cancelling Crockett Cup

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NWA Lost Over $500,000 By Cancelling Crockett Cup

The National Wrestling Alliance released a new video series called Inside the NWA. The first episode featured both Billy Corgan and David Lagana discussing the successful relaunch of the legendary wrestling brand. They were eventually asked about canceling the Crockett Cup event due to COVID-19.

Lagana revealed that they lost out on over half a million dollars. He says the biggest hit wasn’t financial but rather losing momentum as they didn’t get to capitalize on the latest series of NWA Powerrr. He says NWA Hard Times did better on pay-per-view than Into The Fire and that the brand was going strong until the pandemic.

While they had to make pivots due to current circumstances, Corgan and Lagana are both proud of how the business has adapted. They’re looking forward to adjusting as the market changes and have received a solid amount of merchandise support from fans.

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